In 1995, Rich moved to Las Vegas and started a window cleaning and maintenance company. Rich, being the thrill seeker that he is, decided he could build a business cleaning windows for the casinos and other high rise buildings.  The idea was to earn a living doing something that was exciting and out of the ordinary, so that is exactly what he did.  Rich built a company that specialized in reaching things that most companies could not.  From cleaning the windows at the Stratosphere and other high rise buildings in the Las Vegas area, to hanging lights on buildings and homes that were deemed "unreachable".  Rich built his company over the next 10 years.  Then in 2005, he decided he wanted to move back home to Arizona so he sold the Las Vegas window cleaning business.

Rich figured he built the other business from the ground up so he decided to do it again in Arizona.  Executive High Reach Maintenance was born again.  With a lot of hard work and long hours, Rich began to grow his business once again.  From window cleaning and various maintenance jobs, Rich got his name out there.  Then one day he received a call from a company that did bee removals.  They had a bee hive that they were unable to reach so they asked Rich if he could help them out.  They gave him the knowledge he needed to successfully remove the bee colony. From there the pest control began.  Now Executive works with other pest control companies, solving problems for them and their customers.  


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