Fast safe & effective Africanized and Honeybee removal

We specialize in safe and effective bee removal in the Phoenix Metro area. The safe removal of Africanized bees is especially important.  When disturbed, Africanized bees attack in larger numbers, pursue over a greater distance than European Honey Bees, and their attacks last for a longer period of time.  This aggressive behavior, along with reports from South America of deaths due to bee stings, has earned them the name "killer bees." Call us today at 602-454-2700 to schedule the removal of your bees.



Africanized and Honeybees can make their home almost anywhere.  We have removed bees from the unlikeliest of places including inside walls, in attics, on rooftops and more. Here we are removing a bee hive hidden underneath a hot tub.

We trap and track all varieties of bees including Africanized Bees, Honey Bees, Wasps, and all other flying stinging pests.  We provide fast bee removal for the safety of your home or workplace.

For an added fee, our experts can gently and safely remove both European Honey Bees and Africanized Bees.  They will be relocated to a safe location or rehomed with a professional beekeeper.

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