Specializing in safe, humane bird control

Pigeons are the most common species of bird that cause issues on Arizona residential and commercial properties. When pigeons nest, their instinct to home will bring them back time and time again. The birds and their nests must be removed and the areas conducive to nesting must be protected. Pigeon droppings cause costly property damage and create health risks. Executive will remove any and all nests, and clean up after all infestations – no matter how severe. 


We Trap Them

Executive High Reach Maintenance will effectively trap and remove the pigeons nesting on your home or commercial property.


We Prevent Them From Coming Back

Birds love to nest where they can take cover or shelter.  On a residential home it may be under overlapping gables or eaves.  Our deterrents, customized and designed for your property, are diverse and varied. We are highly experienced with deterrents like netting spikes, caging, shock track and tension wire.


We Specialize in Commercial Solutions

On commercial structures, birds nests can be found in HVAC units, ledges, or signage.  When this occurs you must take these favorable areas of cover away by use of physical deterrents, or exclusion measures.  We will install the proper deterrents on your structure, 

OPM LIC# 9271