Rodent Removal


Executive can rid your property of rodents no matter what the species is.  Our expertise ranges from baiting on the exterior of a property, extensive trapping on the interior, or to eradicate infestations.  This includes places such as attics, roofs, walls, and crawl spaces.  We can also install exclusion deterrents to ensure rodents never enter a structure again.


Rodents can enter homes through any opening larger than a nickel.  They chew through wood, plastic, aluminum siding, sheetrock, and soft metals.  They are looking for a home that meets their needs. We make sure that this isn't your home or business!


Rodents chew through wiring, cables and irrigation tubing in your yard, air-conditioning unit, hot tub, swimming pool equipment, attic, and garage - and they multiply like rabbits.


Executive will rid your home or business of rodents and make sure they don't come back.


We stand behind our services and installations.


Ask about our warranty!

OPM LIC # 9271